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Thank you for taking a minute to learn a little about me. As you already know my name is Tracy, I live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA with my incredible husband Michael. I am blessed to have a husband that supports me so much in my passion for my art. To watch how proud he is of me just encourages me even more. But even more so I was blessed to begin this journey of creating dolls with my incredible son, who is now all grown up and will soon be starting his own family. I can still remember 13 years ago when my son Zane and I started my first doll, we had so much fun but my goodness that doll is pretty funny looking, yet it will forever remain a treasure in my collection. After that first try I started to really find anything I could to learn. I knew my goal was to someday be good enough to create memorial dolls for others, because of how much my own memorial doll helped me. I can't begin to say how honored I am that most of my work is memorial work. That so many families have trusted me to create such a precious memory.

I was born with a passion in art. I can remember as a child trying to create anything I could get my hands on, from drawing, sewing, crocheting, you name it I wanted to try. By middle school my passion for drawing was intense. I won a few state wide competitions for my work. By high school I was intrigued with drawing portraits and oh how I wish my mom would of kept those drawings. But as an adult I just couldn’t find an art form that totally captured my heart until I discovered reborning. This art became a part of me. There is nothing more joyful for me than a day at home working on my babies, whether its painting, rooting or assembling I feel like a little girl when I’m doing it and I love that feeling. It’s been 12 years since I started creating my babies and my passion and love for it has grown even stronger. I feel like I learn even more with each baby I create.

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me, I look forward to hearing from you!

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