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I had always known about Re-born dolls. Being a little bit of a doll collector myself and growing up being surrounded by those adorable little faces carries so many wonderful memories for me. I always wanted a Re-born, I just never thought that I would ever - need - one. On October 24th 2013, that changed when my uterus ruptured at 2 days shy of 35 weeks gestation. My little Violet was born a sleeping angel. She was and is perfect in every way. But as I sat there in the hospital alone with her in my arms and sobbing to myself, I knew that my soul crushing journey of trying to carry on after such a heartbreaking event was about to begin.

My research began my second day in the hospital. I searched Google, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest…. Trying to find the perfect person to talk to about immortalizing my little girl. As I flipped through Google, I spotted a video that was made by a young woman who seemed about my age. She had also lost her little girl almost exactly a year before Violet. I laid my full attention on this video in total awe as she showed pictures in comparison to her little girl. The doll was so realistic and the attention to detail was amazing. I had found my doll maker.

I wrote to Tracy on Facebook and within less than 24 hours, I had already gotten a response. She was so wonderful and being the mother of an angel baby herself, I knew that I was making the right choice.

I was home only a few days when I placed my order. She worked with me and through the handful of pictures that were taken by family, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, and the hospital, We spoke of how to perfect my little angel. We spoke of all her little details. Those little freckles on her hand, and the cluster of angel kisses on her toes. Nothing went unnoticed. I scanned through Violet’s pictures and made sure I hadn’t missed a single thing. Then I left it all in Tracy’s hands.

The process was more than I could have asked for. I got weekly updates on the process. Every layer of paint, every hand rooted hair, I got to watch Violet be Re-born in what seemed to be right before my very eyes. I received loads of pictures, all of which I blogged about excitedly as I longed to hold my little one again. Tracy was now giving me that opportunity back and I was overwhelmed with love and happiness when a few days before Christmas, my little girl arrived again. Only this time, in a postal box.

I grabbed my camera and asked my husband to film me opening the box.

I unwrapped the bubble wrap carefully, trying to sink my full self into this moment. I was going to hold my little girl again. I set the bubble wrap aside and read her care instructions. Still trying to pace myself. I took a deep breath and played with her little painted feet. The attention to detail was perfect. I started at her toes and slowly worked my way up to the point that I finally slid the little blankie she had been wrapped in from her little face.

There she was. My heart broke and I burst into tears. I scooped her up carefully and just stared at her. She was perfect. Thanks to Heaven’s Tiny Angel’s and Tracy, I can still find comfort in the embrace of my little angel. She may be gone, but she remains in my heart and now my arms, forever. Thank you, Tracy. You could never truly know what you’ve done for me

~Julie from California (VERY satisfied customer)

I lost my baby boy at 15 weeks old and started my search for keepsake items and anything i could have to help remember everything about him. I first found out about reborn dolls via a lady i was chatting with online and thought i must find out more and really think about a memorial doll. The kind lady had given me the link to Tracy's facebook page, so thats where i started. I then looked local to save on shipping as i live in New Zealand! I looked online all over the world and sent alot of emails over a month, but i came back to Tracy. She was very helpful with information, i could also relate well to her as she is an angel mummy too. Tracy is just a dream to communicate with and i truly enjoyed the entire process. Now the excitement was so overwhelming when my special box arrived, and when i finally and carefully un-wrapped my memorial doll my breath was just taken away. Joy, relief, amazment, greatfulness.... Appreciation that someone i have never met in person was able to support and help me so much and create the most special piece for my collection of memory items for my baby boy. My Reborn was made and brought to life at the creative hands of this wonderful woman Tracy and i am still and always will be ever so thankful to have found her and her talent. Tracys hard work is amazing and its a huge bonus that she is still in contact and i still can send her wee photos now and again. I love my reborn doll and highly recommend her and reborn dolls to anyone and everyone!

~Kristy from New Zealand

There aren't words to express how much my reborn Alexis made for me in memory of my daughter means to me. She has all her moles and both birthmarks, her hair..everything is exact. Tracy worked with me to get the perfect results, she's amazing. She looks so real that she's surprised many people. My son was 5 when Alexis died. .I felt he was to young to have seen her...9 years later and my son gets to meet his little sister..touch her, hold and kiss her.. it's a gift Tracy made possible.

~Billie Jo from Pennsylvania

My first son, Josiah, was diagnosed with a rare birth defect in utero. We were told he would not survive birth and were encouraged to terminate the pregnancy. I chose to carry my child despite the diagnosis. My sweet angel arrived "sleeping" (stillborn) on 10/09/2009. Sometime after his birth a friend of mine shared photos of a reborn doll that Tracy had created and I immediately knew I wanted one of my angel Josiah. I contacted Tracy and shared my story with her. I shared photos of my sweet Josiah with her and she created the most beautiful doll in his likeness. This doll holds a special place in our home. We have since had a second son, Elias. Elias is now two years old and will often ask to hold baby "Siah" and enjoys pointing out his fingers, toes, nose, and hair. He gives him high fives and kisses before bed. This doll has given us a way to keep our memory of Josiah alive and to be able to introduce Elias to his big brother. Our memorial Josiah is so very special to us and we are immensely grateful to Tracy for her amazing artwork.

~Charlotte from Pennsylvania

We lost our baby girl at 16 weeks. She was and will always be our first baby together. Tracy has been my friend for years and when she told me she would make a doll that looked similar to my husband and I , I was thrilled!!! This little doll has brightened up some of my darkest nights and taken away a lot of pain with not only me but My husband and my other children. Thank you so much. I am currently expecting our Rainbow baby in March. I believe Our little Pheobe Nora Had a hand in this.

~Sonya from Ohio

I received my baby in the mail today. I just wanted to say this is way more than I ever expected. She is absolutely amazing and worth way more than she cost. I am in love. Just wanted to say thank you so much. I will cherish her forever. You did an amazing job!!!

~Tiffany from Missouri

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