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Thank you for taking a minute to meet my beautiful angel Joshua. My sweet boy was born on March 21st, 1993, he was 1 lb. and 11 inches. Josh was perfect in everyway, however his sweet little heart was not able to withstand the long labor. He was surrounded by family on that beautiful day and he was loved beyond words. And still after all these years he is remembered and talked of often. This tiny little boy changed my life, he made me a better person, he taught me how precious life truly is, and because I believe he is always with me, I am determined to always make him proud.

I know that many that come to this page have just experianced your loss, and that your emotions are so raw and new, please know it can get better and will get better, if you are willing to allow yourself to get better. I had those days of feeling guilty, thinking if I was happy, I was dishonoring my son. But let me assure you, that is not the case, your sweet angels want you happy, they want you to enjoy your life, and they want you to have a rainbow baby or many rainbows for some. In my heart I believe fully that although we may not be able to see, hear or touch our angels on a physical level, they are still always here with us. Walking through this life with us, helping us to achieve great things. A bond between a mother and child can never be broken, so remember that, talk to your angel, believe they are still there with you, and I promise you will feel their presence. I still feel Josh's everyday and have experianced some incredible signs to show me I was correct in believing he is here.

Over the years, it was important for me to surround myself of things that remind me of Joshua. My home is full of angel statues, and pictures. I love having his name written on things, I love looking at his beautiful picture that was retouched by angel pics. All of these things no longer bring me saddness, but genunie joy, because I was given this special little boy to help guide me in this life. Back when Joshua was born, there were no camera phones or even digital cameras, I only had a few poloriad pictures taken of him, I suppose it's why it was so important to me to have a memorial doll created of him. Because I needed to always be able to remember how perfect that little face of his was, and his pictures just didn't do him justice. Sometimes I'm still in awe that my journey to have that perfect memorial doll created to Josh's likeness, brought me to this beautiful art form, that I have now created for so many years.

Below is a small slide show of my angels pictures. Remember don't look upon them with saddness, please don't feel sorry for me, yes, I would of loved to of been able to raise both of my boys together here on earth, but sometimes that is not what the universe has planned for us. My life has been blessed in so many ways, and I know that so much of that came to me because I have this little guy watching over me.


Heaven's Tiny Angels