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A reborn doll starts as a blank vinyl kit. So the actual features are molded already into the vinyl. It is my job as an artist to bring that kit to "life".

I begin by creating a realistic skintone, this takes over 15 layers of very translucent paint of multiple colors. Over the years I have come up with my own technique using different sponges for different layers in order to achieve the life like skin that I do.

Next is highlighting all the creases and wrinkles. From there we go onto veining, lips, blushing, nails, storkbites, eyebrows and capillaries. All of these little details not only bring life to the doll, but also customizes it to make it truly one of a kind and a true work of art.

Once all of the painting is completed I add a final layer of my own mixture of varnishes, I use this for multiple reasons I feel it adds a nice skin like texture, it also brings out the colors and protects the paint. Last but not least we add gloss, to lips, nails, eyes, and nose. If doll has opened eyed we would add those now too.

The next step is the hair. I first outline the perfect hairline. Then I root from the cut side of the mohair, with a 46 gauge needle. It takes many hours to root 1 to 2 hairs at a time, in a directional pattern to give the doll that realistic newborn hair. Once hair is completely rooted, I seal the inside of the head and then give the baby, its first hair cut. I will also either root or apply eyelashes at this time.

Now its time to weight and seal the limbs and head. Then the baby is attached to a cloth body that has also been realistically weighted.

Now its time for the best part, diapering and dressing the new baby. Every step takes time and attention to detail. It is my goal to create the most realistic doll as possible.

Below is a slide show from start to finish of one of my dolls. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.


Heaven's Tiny Angels