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I took sometime thinking about whether or not I should include this page on this site. My end decision was that I felt it was important to include it. So many that find my reborn doll site, find it because of some type of heartache or loss, because of this I knew that I needed to be able to reach out and let people know about my spiritual healing sessions.

I practice two modalities, most people are familiar with Reiki, the practitioner acts as a beacon to transfer the universal life force energy to the client. It can be done both in person and from a distance. In person the session usually consist of a hands on energetic healing, and from a distance I use a doll as your surrogate and then proceed with the same type of hands on healing. Because energy can travel through time and space clients find that they receive the same results they would if they were to be in the same room as me.

Thetahealing works on a slightly deeper level in my opinion because you actually are digging to see why the person is struggling with either an emotional or physical issue. A session for Thetahealing also can be done in person or on the telephone, with this session we are talking one on one as I go into a deep meditative state called the theta brain wave. Here I connect with Creator to ask him to send healing, love, change a belief, or download Creators meaning of how an emotion or thought should be felt.

Each modality helps to heal the client physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is believed with both that the core of our physical illnesses or pain are caused by an underlying emotional struggle and its with releasing these negative thoughts or emotions that the body is then able to heal on its own.

How to schedule a session, and cost:

To schedule a session you can email me at heavenstinyangels@aol.com, and I will be sure to contact you within 24 hours.


30 minute session $35.00
60 minute session $65.00

For each Reiki session we will schedule a consultation phone call to go over what you are looking for, the issues you are needing energetic healing for and at that time we will also set up the time we are both available for the session. For the actual session, you will actually just need to find a place where you can just lie down and relax, with no interruptions. I will be doing the same at my home, because it requires deep relaxation and meditation on both parties we will not be on the phone, instead after the session I will email you with any intuitive messages I may of received or felt and then also schedule another short phone call if you have any questions or if you would like to share your experience during the session with me.


30 minute session $45.00
60 minute session $85.00

For a Thetahealing session we will schedule through email the date and time you are available to either talk on the phone or via Skype for the duration of the session. Again I will ask you to make sure that you are able to find a time and place without interruption so that we will be able to speak, and meditate for the healing. Throughout the session there will be times where you will need to put me on speaker so that you can stand and do the muscle testing that may be needed, of course this will be something that I will completely guide you through, so don’t be nervous if muscle testing is something you are not familiar with.

Heaven's Tiny Angels