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Welcome, to my beautiful world of Reborn Dolls. I have been creating my tiny angels since the spring of 2008. The dolls I create start as blank vinyl kits which I then transform them into life like babies. I am honored to say that over the past 13 years my babies have found homes all over the world (USA, UK, France, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada).

This art is a true passion for me. Creating them brings me a type of peace that is indescribable, its that actual living in the moment that we all try so hard to achieve, but find it hard to actually do so. I am always fascinated at learning new techniques and being able to then incorporate them into my own style. I take great pride in my work and each of my babies are created with using only the finest of materials. I put my heart and soul into each of the babies I create, paying strict attention to each detail and I feel my love and passion shines through in my work.

Please take a few minutes to browse my site to view my work. Each one is created with so much precision, time and love. They are true works of art, and I hope that you will find yourself as captivated with my dolls as I am in creating them.

Heaven's Tiny Angels